Sponsor-funded, volunteer-run, and completely free for students.

Mukilteo Robotics is committed to fostering a community of innovation and collaboration where students of all backgrounds can explore and develop their skills in STEM fields, free of charge.

Empowering youth, raising leaders, and supporting our community.

Mukilteo Robotics is dedicated to offering free STEM opportunities to local students, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds or nationalities. We actively recruit from six local schools, two of which, Mariner High School and Explorer Middle School, are underfunded.

Our commitment extends beyond recruitment; as we provide comprehensive instruction in STEM subjects, including coding and CADing lessons, to all our members. What sets us apart is our focus on cultivating other essential skills like grit, perseverance, and patience, which are crucial for success in both local VRC tournaments and the broader STEM workplace.

We also empower our students with leadership opportunities by electing a board from within the club, giving them hands-on experience in strategic planning, task delegation, resource management, financial planning, and communication. Additionally, our members generously serve as volunteer mentors for local middle and high school robotics clubs, fostering mentoring opportunities for the wider community.

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A lack of STEM opportunities sparked the creation of Mukilteo Robotics.

Mukilteo Robotics is an all-volunteer, independent club founded in 2017. It was established due to a lack of STEM opportunities provided by the local school districts. Like many organizations, Mukilteo Robotics faced significant challenges during the pandemic, but we chose to persevere and thrive.

Our club has come a long way, from a single small team of 6 members in a garage, to 40 members, with even more individuals on our waiting list eager to join.

However, because of our current lack of resources, we are unable to accept any more members. We are not affiliated with any school or other organization that could provide funding. Our commitment to remaining free for all members and open to anyone interested, based on availability, remains steadfast. Therefore, we are actively broadening our network of potential donors to stay true to our mission.

Our Board

We're incredibly passionate about robotics and providing students with the opportunity to interact with STEM for free.

  • An Image of Pete Stiles

    Pete Stiles


  • An Image of Rachel Chu

    Rachel Chu

    Executive Director

  • An Image of Ruslan Mukhamedvaleev

    Ruslan Mukhamedvaleev

    Deputy Executive Director

    Director of Public Relations

  • An Image of Joseph Na

    Joseph Na

    Director of Finance

  • An Image of Wanhao Zhang

    Wanhao Zhang

    Director of Finance

  • An Image of Trillium Keith

    Trillium Keith

    Director of Administration

A group photo of Mukilteo Robotics